Multi-channel Pipettes Market – Competitive Dynamics and Global Industry Outlook 2026

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Multi-channel Pipettes Market – Overview

A pipette is a laboratory tool majorly used in biology, chemistry, and medicine for transporting a measured volume of liquid commonly known as media dispenser. The design of the pipettes vary based on the applications, with different levels of precision and accuracy from single piece glass pipettes to electronic pipettes, or more complex adjustable pipettes. Their measurement accuracy depends greatly on the style. Multi-channel pipettes are considered the easiest to enhance the productivity or output and reduce the testing, assay, and production costs at the same time. These pipettes are majorly utilized where destination and source containers are wider and have larger surface areas such as reservoirs, troughs, or 96-/384-well plates.

Multi-channel Pipettes Market – Drivers and Restraints

Rising application of microtiter plates to enhance productivity is expected to boost the growth of multi-channel pipettes over the forecast period. Increasing growth of drug discovery techniques and markets such as molecular biology, serological testing, immunology assays, polymerase chain reaction, and high throughput screening has led to rapid expansion of application of microtiter plates. This in turn will enhance the market growth of multi-channel pipettes. Furthermore, rising need for productivity to maintain precision and accuracy and the requirement of reducing repetitive strain injuries (RSI) has increased the demand for highly precise and accurate multi-channel pipettes. Additionally, maintaining these multi-channel pipettes and adhering to quality legislation has also become critical.

Furthermore, increasing pressure to enhance productivity along with the necessity to maintain accuracy and reduce risk of personal injuries is also expected to be a major priority for scientists. These pressures compel the need for easy to use and reliable laboratory equipment to improve efficiency and to certify their performance. This in turn is projected to influence the market growth for multi-channel pipettes over the forecast years. However, issues in tip loading, heavy tip ejection forces, and inconsistent sample loading is expected to create problems in the application of multi-channel pipettes such as 12-channel pipettes, which restricts their use. This is expected to hamper the multi-channel pipettes market growth in the coming years. However, the new developed multi-channel pipettes are designed to overcome these issues and for portraying them as user-friendly and proficient productivity reformers.

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Multi-channel Pipettes Market – Segmentation

The global multi-channel pipettes market can be segmented based on channel, volume, and region. Based on channel, the multi-channel pipettes market is segregated as 8 channel, 12 channel, 16 channel, 48 channel, and 64 channel. In terms of volume, the multi-channel pipettes market is categorized into adjustable and fixed. Adjustable volume pipettes is expected to contribute majorly to market growth in terms of revenue over the forecast period. The growth is attributed to the ability of adjustable pipettes varying in accuracy across their volume range, with the lowest accuracy for lower-end and high accuracy at high-end in terms of volume ranges. Furthermore, fixed volume pipettes are capable of adjusting higher accuracy at the one set volume and may not be preferred in multiple applications for achieving accuracy.