Potassium Fluoroaluminate Market for Polymers – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2026

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Global Potassium Fluoroaluminate Market: Overview

Potassium fluoroaluminate is an organic chemical with the formula KalF4. It is manufactured by reacting aluminum hydroxide, hydrogen fluoride, and potassium hydroxide in an aqueous medium under vacuum. Potassium fluoroaluminate is used as an active filler in resin bonded abrasives for metal treatment. It is also employed as a component in coatings of welding rods and welding powders, and as fluxing agent in soldering of aluminum.

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Over the last decade, aluminum has been used increasingly as the material of choice in many applications. It possesses properties such as lightness of weight, conductivity, high strength, formability, braze-ability, and corrosion resistance. Thus, aluminum is an attractive substitute for metals such as steel and copper. It can be easily formed into components. These components can be assembled by brazing together to produce complex configurations.

A filler metal with a lower melting point than that of the base metal and a flux are necessary for aluminum brazing to form joints. Potassium fluoroaluminate, when used as a brazing flux, disrupts the natural surface oxide, promotes wetting and spreading of the filler metal into joints, and prevents re-oxidation. Flux can be applied as a powder or as a formulated paint or paste.

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Prominent players operating in the global potassium fluoroaluminate market include Solvay SA, Honeywell International Inc., Triveni Interchem Private Limited, Gongyi Meiqi Industry & Trade Co., Limited, Changshu Xinxin Chemical Co., Ltd., and Harris Products Group.